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The end of the road

January 10, 2007

….for my snowflakes that were once lunch- sack flowers. I was totally enthralled with this idea when I made them and I couldn’t part with them after my niece’s lunch so– I cut holes in the edges and hung them back up as snowflakes for the winter.



It is just getting cold around here but I still think they must finally bid us farewell. I am thinking that ones made from pastel bags would be lovely for Easter. Oh wait, maybe red and white ones for Valentine’s Day…………..okay I just can’t let this idea go! I got a lot of mileage out of $1.29!


Baby It’s Cold Outside!

January 10, 2007

Cold weather is on the way.  This little cutie is modeling one of the more than 10 scarves my mother knitted this holiday season.  What a warm and cozy treat.