Google Reader

I want to introduce my smart and handsome (available- all you SF girls) nephew. He works for Google and has been working very hard to make our lives easier.


If you would like to be notified when I have posted on my blog, just go to Google Reader  for a quick tutorial on how this program works. You no longer have to random check your favorite blogs to see if they have been updated—Google Reader does it for you. It also keeps all of your favorite sites in one place– how organized! It is free, simple to use and easy to install. I (okay he did it) added Google Reader to my toolbar (an option when you download) to make it really convenient to see updated blogs. Give it a try!


4 Responses to “Google Reader”

  1. Cath Says:

    Does that man have a twin, triplet, quadruplet? Boy, does he look like a Haugh!!!

  2. Mindy Says:

    eerrmmm….how old is he??

  3. island jen Says:

    I just noticed how much your nephew and your son (from your previous post) look alike… wow!

  4. Sabrina Says:

    hi great blog

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