Valentine Soaps

Even the bathroom needs a little holiday cheer!


Paint Glycerin soap with acrylic paint. One side of the soap needs to be non-imprinted, so you have a nice area to paint on.


Melt paraffin in a double boiler situation. I used a metal measuring cup set in a pan of water. An old food can could also be used. Wax is highly flammable so it is best to melt it in water. DO NOT allow any of the water to get into the wax!


Brush a thin coat of melted wax over your painting. Do not paint the sides or bottom of your soap. The wax must be very hot to give a clear coat. It is probably best for an adult to do this step while wax is still at the stove so it remains very hot.



When you use your soap the wax will protect your paintings.



6 Responses to “Valentine Soaps”

  1. island jen Says:

    back in the day, my grandmother used to use ‘rub-ons’ on her home made soaps and I’m sure she sealed them in a similar way because there was a layer that you had to rub through to get to the soap. I think they were supposed to be decorative LOL!

  2. thismom Says:

    How cute are those!? I think I love you.

    Oh, I have been meaning to email you to thank you for the information about the Lollipops, but I am a slacker lately. So, thank you!

  3. jessica reeese Says:

    can the children use the soap if i paint it. and can i add scent to it. thanks jessica reese

  4. Cindy Says:

    I purchased already prepared soap but I would think you could certainly make your own and add a little scent. Yes, you can use the soaps. Only paint the top with the paint and wax. We have ours in the bathroom and it is working great! I hope your kids like this activity!

  5. Perri Says:


    I’d really like to use some of your crafts in a magazine I do for kids – could you get in contact with me please via the email address I left?

    All the best,

  6. john duglas Says:

    Your article is very high-quality. May well you please post some inexperienced information about this? greets

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