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Heart Pop-Up Valentine

February 5, 2007

My son wants to have some friends over to decorate some cookies for Valentine’s day. I was trying to figure out something crafty to go along with the cookie decorating so we will also decorate some cards. Here goes the very basic how to. I will leave the embellishment with glitter, stamps, stickers, ribbon and doilies to you and the boys. However, I will warn you that this little party has very little to do with crafts and decorating but rather the FOOD —they are 10. I will show you the final results later but if they look too crafty—like they really enjoyed this, I will have to block out their heads because they would not want anyone to know that they still like crafts. If they don’t turn out we will know what I suspected all along was true — it is all about the food!

You will need regular weight copy paper and card-stock to make these cards. First fold the regular weight copy paper in half.


Cut out a space 2 1/2 inches over and 2 inches down from the upper right corner.


Fold the left edge over as shown in the picture.


Cut the top part away as shown. You might want to practice on scrap paper until you get the heart shape you are happy with.


Fold the heart to the center.


Cut two inches off of the long side of a piece of card-stock. Fold the larger piece in half.


Place your heart card into the card-stock and glue everything but the heart shape.


Decorate the front


Decorate the inside. When you open the card the heart pops up.