Bag Swap

I participated in the Tote Bag Swap(I will add the Flicker link when it is up incase you are looking for bag inspiration) at One Hour Craft.  Now that my partner has received her bag I can share.  I received a large brown roomy tote.  The fabric is so soft.  A perfect tote for carrying around a project.  My partner went above and beyond and totally spoiled me with tea, chocolate and lotions to pamper my feet! Her mother even knit me a wonderful scarf!


I sent this tote —


with a matching tissue holder.

The bag was made from Simplicity pattern 4670 view C. 


It was a super easy pattern and went together very quickly.   My only problem was finding the right sized handles—I couldn’t so those are 6″.  If you want to make the bag the yardage given is for one fabric.  If you want to use two fabrics you will need a 1/2 yard for the top and 3/8 of a yard for the bottom.  The other yardage requirements were the same.


6 Responses to “Bag Swap”

  1. Julie (aka kirchberg) Says:

    Great bag. You have such an eye for fabric combinations. You are so fabulous…Ms. It-Girl – All That – Fergalicious…:)
    Julie (I figured out the name thing without having a screen name – I’m sooo smart)

  2. Mary Z Says:

    I’m so lucky!!! thanks!!! MKZ

  3. elizabeth Says:

    wow! first lemme say *great* blog. i just scrolled through the first page and i can’t wait to try a lot of the things you have posted.

    love you’re bag and i will def. have to look for this sewing pattern. i’m a very novice sewer and patterns make me nervous….lol. but it does say “sewing for dummies” so maybe i’ll be okay.

  4. greta Says:

    love your site…elizabeth sent me your link…i will def. have to try that back and unlike my friend elizabeth…i CAN sew…lol

  5. Jessica Says:

    do you sell those bags and crayon rolls you make? I can not sew at all, not can I pick out fabric combo’s -everthing I have seen on your site is ADORABLE, and I would love a bag like this and a coupld of crayon rolls

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