Egg Shaped Sidewalk Chalk

Just in time for Spring—-egg shaped chalk. 


These were so easy to make.  You will need:

  • Plaster of Paris
  • Tempera Paint
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • plastic Easter eggs
  • disposable cups
  • disposable spoons or wooden craft sticks
  • egg carton


Take petroleum jelly and liberally coat the insides of the eggs and then place in the egg carton.  Mix 1/2 cup Plaster of Paris with 1/4 cup water and stir well.  Mix in enough liquid tempera paint to get your desired color.  We added about a teaspoon or so.  You can also use powdered tempera paint (start with about 1 tablespoon and go from there). We mixed up a blue batch, poured it into the eggs then immediatley mixed up a pink batch.


Pour mixture into egg halves.  This amount makes about 1 1/2 eggs.  We used the 1/2 to make  two colored eggs. DO NOT pour extra plaster down your sink drain –I tell you this is a no no. Throw it in the trash!


Allow this mixture to set about 5 minutes—just until thick enough to put the egg halves together.  Once together, hold tightly and carefully  give egg a good shake and a firm tap on a hard surface  to allow plaster to form to the egg and the halves to come together.


Allow eggs to harden overnight.  We couldn’t wait (patience issues) and rushed ours  allowing only about 3 hours (this is overnight in child time isn’t it?) to dry.  To remove them from the plastic an adult must use a knife to work the halves apart. I would like to make a few of these to put back into plastic eggs once first removed and dry to hide on our egg hunt.  I think gray ones would make cute favors for a dinosaur party.


Chalk On!!


38 Responses to “Egg Shaped Sidewalk Chalk”

  1. sunshine Says:

    I made these before they are fun to do with the kids if you can keep them from opening the egg to soon. Messy!!! She looks like she is having fun. Very cute

  2. Michelle Says:

    Man, she is a cutie. I know I said that last time, for the Dr. Seuss thing, but sheesh! She’s adorable! Lookit those cheeks!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    What a sweet smile!

  4. drenka Says:

    Great idea and even greater smile!

  5. Arem Says:

    Wow. That’s a great idea. Might have to try it out!


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  7. elizabeth Says:

    great idea! thanks so much for posting the recipe!!!

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  9. Julie Says:

    Sooo cute. I miss her. I love the idea – you’re such a good mommy.

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  11. GNMParents Says:

    Congratulations, this post has been nominated for a Hot Stuff Award at GNMParents (

    Voting closes Friday.

    Good Luck

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  13. Dora-Faye Hendricks Says:

    I love this!! What a good idea! And, the “receipe” is clear, colorful and easy to follow! Thanks for a good project I can do with my granddaughter!!

  14. Kristen Says:

    This is such a great idea. I’ve never thought of making sidewalk chalk. Brilliant!

  15. Heather Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve given this a go today preparatory to trying it with my Brownie troop tomorrow. You can see the preliminary results here: This should be fun! Thanks again for a great idea!

  16. Barb Says:

    That looks like fun! Happy to have found you.

  17. alisa Says:

    This idea sounds so neat. We want to try it. I went to get the materials, though, and I see all of these warnings on the plaster of paris box like “caution, can cause burns” and also that the crystalline silica in the plaster of paris is carcinagenic. Is there some other kid friendly type out here I don’t know about and that I should be looking for?

  18. Kate Says:

    Hi, I tried this and my eggs are still wet, two days later. Anyone know why this would happen?

  19. amy Says:

    this rocks! thank you!

  20. Aunt LoLo Says:

    Love the idea…but I think your daughter TOTALLY trumps the eggs! What a cutie!

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  22. Melissa A Says:

    Great idea! Thanks!

  23. Erica Says:

    I wonder if you can put small toys in them before they dry so that the kids discover a treasure when their chalks is used up.

  24. windshield repair kit Says:

    wonderful idea. need to include this on my son’s birthday party.

  25. J Says:

    In case anyone shares alisa’s concerns, plaster of Paris is very safe once it hardens into gypsum (the material drywall is made of).

    The warning about burns is not referring to chemical burns, but actual heat. As it hardens and locks water into its crystal structure, the plaster becomes warm. Probably not as warm as McDonald’s coffee with the ‘CAUTION: HOT COFFEE IS HOT’.

    The concerns about cancer have to do with breathing fine dust. Whether it’s smoke, flour, cotton fibers, or finely-powdered sand, getting any sort of dust permanently lodged in your lungs is bad for you. Thus, please do not snort plaster of Paris.

  26. Nashie Says:

    This activity should come with a messy warning – or maybe that is just me, LOL! Never mind, I don’t mind a bit of mess, especially when it cleans up this easily.

    This was my first foray into the world of plaster of paris. I have to say that I was really nervous about the heating up thing. It really didn’t get very hot at all.

    One thing that I would do differently next time, is mix the paint and plaster of paris in a disposable piping bag. I had a moment of, “Um – what now?” when I had it all mixed in a bucket and nothing to use to get it into the moulds! (I had lined the buckets with a plastic bag, so I snipped a hole in the corner.)

    Another thing is that I would make the mixture a bit runnier than the packet suggests – this gives me a chance to get it in the moulds!

    Thanks for this idea.

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  30. Mia123 Says:

    Hi! Is there anything I can use besides petroleum jelly?

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  38. armor Says:

    Your writing style is witty, keep it up!

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