Look at these wonderful blankets.  I will be posting better pictures after they have all been collected.  This is only a small portion!  As of today I have over 300.  Did you hear that?  Thanks to your generosity more than 300 orphans will receive comfort from you!



12 Responses to “OH MY”

  1. laeroport Says:

    Yea! Did you get mine yet?

  2. Michelle Says:

    Oh, hooray, Cindy! You have done such a great job and look at all those snugglys! 300 happier little kids, that is just fabulous.

  3. Tara Says:

    That’s simply fantastic! (And don’t forget, it’s thanks to YOUR organizing efforts as well!)

    I was concentrating so hard on getting my blankets in the mail that I completely forgot to add a note to the package. But hopefully by now you’ve received 3 that combined lavender Minkee with navy blue flannel. (And of course the all-important satin binding. I carried a security blanket for much longer than I should admit, and it was ALL about rubbing that satin binding when I was nervous….)

    Best of luck with getting everything together at the end. And thanks to you for making this effort possible!

  4. southerngirlmusings Says:

    What a blessing, over 300 blankets, that is awesome!!!! Such an outpouring of love for the children, way to go Cindy!!

  5. Randi Says:

    Awesome response!

    Could you send me your address again? I have been offline for about a week now and I am unable to find it!

  6. Artmomma Says:

    Hurray! You got mine! I forgot to send a note too in my hurry to get them out. My youth group sent the dozen satin/minky fabric blankies-a first sewing project for most of the girls! Thanks for pulling this great opportunity for service together!

  7. Carla Says:

    I’m so excited. I see one of my blankets in the photo. The blue polka dots with the light yellow fleece backing! I know I’m a big geek, but I thought it was so cool to see it in that big ol’ stack of adorable security blankies. Love that you’re keeping us updated!

  8. carol Says:

    congrats! I knew you would get a wonderful response!

  9. Lauri Says:

    WOW! That is so wonderful!

  10. Bean Paulson Says:

    This is so awesome!!

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  12. Team Roster Says:

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