Appreciation 7 days a week

This year for teacher appreciation week we will be giving each teacher a “days of the week” pill box filled with little treats and sayings. I found the pill boxes at the dollar store.

You may download the sayings if you like –


(I didn’t use the “We are lucky to have you for a teacher” saying. It would go nicely with a lottery ticket!)

Fabric covered tacks fill one of the compartments to tell them they are sharp!

I used Jessica Jones’ fabulous instructions to make the fabric covered thumbtacks

Some purchased colorful clips fill the next compartment

Next up marble magnets

These are simple to make with glass gems (floral department at the craft store), E600 craft adhesive, a 3/4 inch hole punch, 3/4 inch magnets and decorative scrapbook paper, wrapping paper and or magazine scraps. First punch out a circle and glue it to the back of the glass gem. I removed air bubbles by moving paper in a circular motion to distribute glue evenly and then pressing hard. Allow to set. Next glue the magnet to the back of your papered gem. I found it necessary to sort my glass gems to find the largest ones with no scratches or imperfections. If your glass gems are smaller try using a 1/2 inch hole punch and 1/2 inch magnets.

A measuring tape tells our teacher that they really measure up

Change for the soda machine fills another compartment

Small little post-it notes (the kind for marking a page) just fit to say, “Just a note to let you know we think you are a wonderful teacher!”

Some mints to say thank you

Wrapped all up with a little gift tag that reads:

A daily gift for all you do,
Teaching my child each day through.
Making a difference without taking a rest,
As a teacher, you’re one of the best!


Hopefully our teachers will feel appreciated each day!


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49 Responses to “Appreciation 7 days a week”

  1. amy Says:

    so freaking crafty and thoughtful- I would have freaked out at a gift like that when i was teaching! bravo!

  2. designonpost Says:

    What a sweet gift. I hope I have parents like you when I get my first teaching job next fall!

  3. karla ~ looking towards heaven Says:

    Once again you have outdone yourself with the original ideas! Love these!

    I’ll be linking these for sure!


  4. miss chris Says:

    Awesome. You are so clever!

  5. jessi nagy Says:

    this is really cute. any teacher would love this.

  6. Sylvia Says:

    What great sentiments, you certainly are showing how appreciative you are of the teachers – we need more parents and citizens like you that realize the value of good teachers and a good education! Sent by a school employee (not a teacher but a school physical therapist)

  7. Micheal Lerner Says:

    Nice ideas on teacher appreciation week.

  8. Barbara Says:

    This is SOOOOO clever! My mom is a teacher, I think I’ll do this as a “just because” for her. Thank you for all of the instructions and ideas.

  9. Liz Says:

    Oh my goodness, how cute! I think I would cry if one of my students gave that to me. So sweet….

  10. seemownay Says:

    This is really lovely. Lucky teachers to have your child in class.

  11. laeroport Says:

    I was just wondering yesterday when I needed to get on that! Aidin has a field trip on the ACTUAL teacher appreciation day. That should be fun. Thanks for the weath of ideas you always provide, Cindy!

  12. Jamie Says:

    That is so sweet! Thanks for sharing the idea!

  13. Kristin Says:

    Hey, I found your site through Blissfully Domestic. Awesome Idea! I will definitely be using this for my daughter’s teacher!

  14. Terrie Says:

    What a wonderful idea! Could be used for secretaries too!

  15. ♥little glimpses studio♥ Says:

    I WILL be using this! Super!

  16. kathryn Says:

    Wow, you have inspired me! My daughter has the best teachers in the world and I try to let them know they are appreciated. This just blows me away. I am stealing this idea! Thanks for a wonderful blog – it never fails to brighten my day.

  17. Lisa Says:

    I love this idea too! My son doesn’t have any teachers yet, but I was a teacher, and I would have loved it! I think I might convert it into a grandmother gift. Sooo cute! Thank you for sharing!

  18. Christi Says:

    LOVE this! In fact, I think that I might have my first graders to make something similar for Mother’s Day! Thanks for the great idea!

  19. Dawn Simpson Says:

    Teacher Appreciation pill box idea is adorable!! i have all ready planned my week but will also use this pill box idea. Just an idea to share with everyone…i had all of the students write their name on a sheet of paper then i used carbon paper to transfer it to a flower pot. Then i took a black paint pen and wrote on top of the traced name and will give this to the teacher with a plant inside!! on the rim of the pot i will write something about how she made our children blossom?!? if anyone has an idea for my flower pot let me know!! thanks, and have a happy week!! Thanks again!!

  20. Deborah Says:

    Are you freaking kidding me? Poor teachers give something they can use like a gift cert or money that will show how much you appreciate them! The craft is great to do with your children for fun or top make for a family member.

  21. Frugal Dad Says:

    My wife and I were just discussing an end-of-the-year teacher’s gift idea from our kids, and this is excellent!

    @Deborah: Teachers get inundated with gift certificates and gifts with “#1 Teacher” on it. I don’t know many teachers that wouldn’t love to receive something like this.

  22. Alicia Says:

    This is ADORABLE!!! So clever and creative. I’m going to tell my friends about it, and we’ll have a pill-box making party!

  23. Erika Chapin Says:

    Why are you not doing a tv show by now!?!? You are so creative!

  24. Shawna Says:

    Thank you so much for the great idea. I know my kid’s teachers are going to love it!

  25. Sherry M Says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas. I am a member of our schools PTO. We give the staff of 44 a small treat each month of school on a rather limited budget. I have adapted a couple of your ideas recently. The Valentine Lollipop Lilly for the month of April… “thanks for helping our students bloom”. Today was a staff meeting and each staff member received a bottle pop card with the clever “soda” message and a note that soda would be available at the meeting compliments of PTO. I have a few other ideas I’ve used I would be happy to share. Email me and I’ll send the information. Thank you!

  26. Ms. Coleman Says:

    This was well thought out and would have definitely placed a smile on my face. I am a first grade teacher at a Charter school and all we got was a thanks for the Cinco de Mayo presentation. Then one of our parents spoke to the principal and you want to know what he said? he said that we knew we were appreciated! WOW! seriously, but then what made it worst is a crappy envelope we got with 2 supposed day cruise tickets, here’s the catch to the tickets, does not cover a 13 dollar departure fee for each person and 2 drink minimum for each person as well….We all were bummed out and just left them lying around or they accidently fell on our way down the halls….so much for our appreciation right?

  27. NikkiLynn Says:

    I just wanted to say that as a teacher I love this idea. I am disappointed in the person that said that teachers need gift cards and money as presents. Don’t get me wrong, as a poor young teacher myself it is nice to have gift cards to stores where I can get more supplies for the kids, but a present like this means so much more!! How thoughtful, and what time you put into this project. This gift shows appreciation, it shows that you took the time to go above and beyond like great teachers do everyday. Bravo!

  28. care-in Says:

    Wow! I found your blog through my google reader and I’m so glad I did. You have some wonderful ideas. I’ve taught for the past nine years and your teacher appreciation gifts are so wonderful, anyone would be blessed to receive them. Now I’m on the other side (a SAHM) and I can’t wait to do these fun things for my daughter’s teacher.

    Great stuff!

  29. Better than an Apple for the Teacher | GoodyBlog Says:

    […] Skip to My Lou posted this ab fab gift idea that just sends me—use a cheap-o drugstore pill box and fill it with a weeks-worth of punny notes and gifts for the teacher. (I know what you’re thinking—that in addition, a few muscle-relaxers would make a teacher feel really appreciated.) She has come up with an adorable list of teacher appreciation sayings that you can download straight from her site, along with some how-to’s for the little filler gifts. Then you wrap it up in a cute little package, and it’s a full 7 days of appreciation. (The cute poem tag is download-able too.) […]

  30. Beverly B Says:

    Thanks for all of your great ideas. I check your web site often. I adapt your ideas or sayings to my needs.
    My daughter used to teach, now she works with special needs adults and I adapted your sayings from teacher, to assistant. She wanted something special to give to her assistant for the holidays and birthdays.
    They are always a hit. I reccommend your site to others all the time. Keep up the grand inspirations!!

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  32. lola Says:

    aww that was so cute!

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  47. Christmas Craft Presents For Teachers | All Crafts Says:

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  48. ciliae Says:

    cute gadgets.

  49. Teacher Appreciation Week 2012 | Says:

    […] Inspiration found at Surviving a Teacher’s Salary and Skip to My Lou. […]

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