How to make a duct tape bullwhip

If you have come looking to make TRULY dangerous toys for boys you are at the right spot! Or maybe you have finally succumbed to the constant whining about “needing” a bullwhip since the release of the new Indiana Jones movie.

Thank you to Wesley Scoggins Indy Mogul for the clever idea to use duct tape!

You will need:

  • Brown “duck” tape (we found this at Wal-Mart) cut into 3- 12 foot lengths
  • 10″ piece of 3/8″ wooden dowel rod
  • a foot or so of twine for the “popper” if desired

Begin by placing two chairs 12 feet apart. Place three strips of tape between the chairs.

Fold each of the pieces of tape in half length ways-leave attached to chair

Leave tape hooked on one of the chairs and begin braiding. Braiding 12 feet of duct tape isn’t really pleasant but is certainly less painful than paying $50.00 plus for a bullwhip! We tried several methods: hanging it up high, laying it on the ground. We found it easiest to leave it attached to the chair and have another person help untangle the strips of duck tape as you braid. My eleven year old was able to do most of the braiding.

Once you have reached the end take another piece of tape and wrap around the braid to fasten off.

Remove the other end from the chair and attach these ends of tape to the wooden dowel.

Begin wrapping the dowel with tape until you have completely covered the handle. When finished we took a small piece of tape and covered each end and then wrapped a small piece once again around the dowel to make it secure.

If you want to make the popper you tie it on like this

Finished! How does it work?—–probably not well enough to kill someone or allow you to hang from a tree (we’re trying though) but well enough to cause some damage to your house and possibly harm to a friend, so please be careful!

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90 Responses to “How to make a duct tape bullwhip”

  1. Kim Says:

    Thanks for that – currently my 8yo is not wanting one, but I am sure when we get through the series and see the new ones, we will have a need for two of them (one for my 4yo daughter too) – thanks for a cheaper alternative. I agree, two rolls of duct tape is much cheaper than $50 each for something that may have a shelf-life of about a few weeks.

  2. Candace Says:

    Very cool. I sent it to my daughter who does home school for my 12 year old grandson. He’s home schooled, and it looks like a great project.

  3. Mandi Says:

    Oh thank you soooooo much for this post. My 9 year old has been using everything immaginable to fashion a bullwhip(since I refuse to buy one) and this looks just perfect! He will be so pleased! 🙂

  4. Monkey Giggles Says:

    Wow…that’s cool.

  5. M@D Says:

    especially for kids who will knock around the yard with it. Professional made bullwhips can go anywhere from $400 to over $900 or more depending on the work..

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    […] How to make a duck tape bullwhip « Skip To My Lou looks like a fun idea. I wonder how long it will take before the first sibling gets hit with a whip and I have to take the offender’s whip away? (via GeekDad) […]

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    […] How to make a duck tape bullwhip If you have come looking to make TRULY dangerous toys for boys you are at the right spot! Or maybe you have finally […] […]

  8. Kimmy Says:

    that is so cool looking. I am sure if I made it my son would love it.

  9. Matt Says:

    Thanks for posting this….my 34 year old cousin will love it! He’s always looking for new toys to play with. Stu will really appreciate it.

  10. Galatae Says:

    But does it add the theme music?

  11. Heather Says:

    May I make a suggestion? If there is only one person working on the braid and that person needs to detangle the other end, how about using clothespins to secure the work you’ve done so far?

  12. Laura Says:

    Totally love this! I’m the mother of five boys and four of them are oohing and aahing as we read through your instructions…now my oldest is asking if you have any other cool ideas…like making a storm trooper mask???? etc….
    Thank you for a GREAT DIY project!

  13. Liz Says:

    What a good idea – I’m filing this one away for an Indiana Jones Halloween costume.

  14. Redmason Says:

    Haha oh wow that’s wicked! Much much better than the crap whip Hasbro put out. Thanks for sharing this!

  15. lizzie tanners Says:

    Creativity at it’s best moment. I admire your patience. The stickiness of the duct tape is the number one enemy here.

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    […] a Duck Tape Bullwhip for your Indiana Jones […]

  17. Tab Says:

    This is great, the boys are doing an Indiana Jones themed father’s day gift and this will be a perfect addition. I’m sure they will all want one of their own too.
    I was wondering does it matter what the popper is made out of? Thanks

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    […] so you don’t think we are only about weapons around here, we made felt doughnuts too. My eleven year old was amazing with his needle and his sister was […]

  19. Chris Says:

    My son was literally begging for an Indy whip today! How lucky am I to have found you?? THANK YOU for saving me sooo much money and for giving me an excuse to go shopping at Wal Mart! 🙂

  20. triska Says:

    wow, genius 😉 now i have something to give to my nephew (and it gonna be so worth the effort to see his reaction!)

  21. How to make a duct tape bullwhip - Skip to my Lou « Geekery Abounds Says:

    […] How to make a duct tape bullwhip […]

  22. Maribel Says:

    My 6yo and I were planning his Halloween costume…I’m sure you can guess what he wants to be. I knew I was going to make the whip, just wasn’t sure how. Thanks for saving me a couple of months of experimenting.

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  24. julie Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. My son wants one that looks like the real thing and not his sisters pink & purple jumprope he has been “forced” to use in his adventures.

  25. billybobjoesmithfred(the thrid) Says:

    wow this is a very intersesting project. Found it a few days ago looking for things to make out of duck-tape (which was perfect). Got a roll of brown duck-tape the next day and set to work. Take notice to the warning about hurting people and items b/c I caused a few scars and broken 2 vases. But its defienatly worth it (the vases were ugly anyways) =P

  26. Through The Looking Glass » Blog Archive » Indiana Klein Says:

    […] Indiana KleinI am SO making one of these for Sammy. And I am SO going to regret it. June 7, 2008 @ 5:09 pmOh, right; email.I meant to say […]

  27. anne sheridan Says:

    ok…I spent a little over an hour making 3 of these yesterday. My son’s friend helped w/ his black one but I made 2 brown. Everyone should stop what they are doing and make these! The kids (2 teens and a 10 yr old) LOVED them!!! I lost them for hours after. It’s really not hard and for $2.97 in duct tape?! The reward: priceless! Thank you for awesome instructions and the coolest idea of the year!

  28. Grant Says:

    I love this! after seeing the 4th Indiana Jones movie I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some suede leather cord, and braided bullwhip v. 1.0 then made my popper out of some fishing line like nylon cord. This whip worked ok, Then I saw the duck tape whip and promptly went out, bought tape and braided this new whip, works great, and it cracks all the time. I would recommend wearing safety glasses if you are going to be doing any serious whipping.

  29. relic08 Says:

    Fantastic..I can use for living history displays.

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  31. Ellen Says:

    Now this is wonderful! My boys would love to make their own. The only things is…does it hurt?

  32. Shauna Says:

    Wow! so creative – I think I’ll have to try this someday. 🙂

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  34. dawn Says:

    Wow that is one more thing for dcuk tape awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  37. Matt Says:

    This is amazing! My kids will love this (when they are old enough!)

    Keep up the great work,


  38. Crystal Says:

    Thanks! I write a blog where I do one new thing a day, and I used this as one of my “new things”.

    I made this for my son (8) and my nephew (6). We couldn’t find colored duct tape, so I just used silver and we call them “Super Whips” 😉 Also, I only made them 6 ft long (and the dowel rod was cut to about 3 inches). Perfect size for them.

  39. Kalina Says:


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  42. Mark Says:

    To those who have asked, YES a whip will hurt if you hit yourself, I have hit myself several times and it does hurt, just wear safety glasses and it is still fun.

  43. susyQ Says:

    oh please sir, may I have another!

  44. Ekim13ab Says:

    Thanks, this is perfect!!!,
    my 7 year old has already stolen my brown fedora,
    he love the whip, 1st thing he asked me while i was making it was “is it 20 feet long like the real one?”

    i did make the handle a little shorter, about 3 hands long. easier for him to handle.

    did have an idea i’m going to try, you mentioned not suitable for swinging on, think i’ll try to braid it around some rope like a real one is made.

    although i’ll probably regret it…

    I’ll let you know if it works

  45. Blue Castle Says:

    Oh My Word!!! I’m so excited to come across this post tonight! My boys have no clue who Indiana Jones is, but they’ve seen those whips in Target and that’s all I’ve heard about since they came out. This is terrific! Thank you so much for sharing!

  46. douglas Says:

    a better bullwhip would grow thicker from the tip to be more effective, perhaps adding more tape to increase the width toward the handle would provide a more realistic effect. the reason is that as the energy from the hand and the thicker section travels toward the tip or the thinner section it gains speed as the diameter gets smaller giving you the classic cracking sound. however since this is being made with duct tape it may not have enough weight to reach cracking speed. this by the way is a great instructable i just wanted to add more relevant information.

  47. Mark28 Says:

    Excludes Household Cameras. ,

  48. Ganry87 Says:

    Any statistics on how many people actually have been thrown out of the military for asking? ,

  49. Dave the carer Says:

    thanks for the great idea. I have a client with intellectual disabilities I care for, one day every two weeks and he likes whips but can’t afford to buy one, even a kit. This will give me some inspiration on how to cater to his desire to have his own whip and the satisfaction of assisting to make it himself. thanks again

  50. Fenris Says:

    Here’s the ultimate duct tape bullwhip… made out of tan colored duct tape (brown wasn’t available when I was at the store).

    • taylor lynn Says:

      How did you make the ducttape bullwhip? I saw your pictures from skip to my Lou a few years back, and was wondering how you made it, with it meningitis thick and going thin? My boyfriend has an obsession with bullwhips and I wanted to make him one. Help?

  51. Homemade Halloween « Mama's Spare Time Says:

    […] bag from Goodwill, and most importantly the WHIP (i made it from duct tape, directions found at Skiptomylou ).  Looked pretty authentic if you ask […]

  52. timmy Says:

    my dad will love this i wonder how long before someone gets hit

  53. timmy Says:

    timmy timmy timmy timmy timmy timmy timmy timmy…tommy$$$$$$

  54. tommy dylan Says:

    i am wiling to make one.My Mum says no not today but i know i will .promise!

  55. Rebecca Says:

    So Awesome!! My husband and two boys ages 10 and 8 are so tickled to find this post. My hubby and boys are huge Indiana Jones Fans!! What
    fun they had today….. This is a perfect project for any boy, any age!
    What a great find!!

  56. bryce Says:

    it took me 2:30 hours……….but it was so worth it!

  57. AdhiSesha Says:

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  58. grant Says:

    this is sick!!! my bros ben wanting to now how to make one!!!:D

  59. Marie Says:

    Just making this today for my daughters lion tamer Halloween costume. Thanks!

  60. boys toys Says:

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    […]How to make a duct tape bullwhip « Skip To My Lou[…]…

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  66. apocalypseArisen Says:

    Aaah, this is wonderful! I’m going to cosplay Aradia Megido from Homestuck this October, and I really needed a bullwhip. Thank you so much!

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  75. Cinn Says:

    Reblogged this on CinnamonAndSparkles and commented:
    Pretty interesting find….for the DIY kinky crowd..

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    […] Great tutorial for making a bullwhip, the kids will love pretending they are Indiana […]

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