Making Doughnuts

Today we were busy baking and making. With Arnie the Doughnut by Laurie Keller as our inspiration we filled our tummies with yummy doughnuts.

We used 101 Cookbook’s recipe for baked doughnuts. They were (yes we ate the whole 1 1/2 dozen YIKES) delicious. I would like to believe they were healthy since they were baked—but they were dipped in butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar. We were able to make the entire recipe in the food processor. This makes quick time of the kneading (we counted to 45 slowly and it was done).

And so you don’t think we are only about weapons around here, we made felt doughnuts too. My eleven year old was amazing with his needle and his sister was thrilled to have some new play food.

First we cut out our felt circles. You may use our template if you like.


Sew the frosting to one of the doughnut pieces.

My son then sewed “sprinkles” all over the “frosting” with embroidery thread.

With right sides together sew doughnut pieces together, leaving an opening for turning

Turn doughnut right side out.

Stitch completely around the center of the doughnut. We found this easiest to do on the sewing machine. Stay as close to the edge as possible, catching the top and bottom layers.

Stuff doughnut and slip stitch dounut closed!

Ta Da!

We hope you will consider reading along with us to Reed to Feed! This funny and superfluous story gave me pause. As we are reading and eating I am reminded of how lucky we are to have an abundance of food. We can “play” with our food. This it not the case for so many. As a world population over 800 million people will go hungry today.

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20 Responses to “Making Doughnuts”

  1. Michael Thomas Says:

    Seriously, those made me hungry. The felt ones!

  2. vespabelle Says:

    so cute.

    Arnie the doughnut was good, but a better book about doughnuts is Mark Alan Stamaty’s Who Needs Donuts? The artwork is amazing and the story is very sweet.

  3. Donut day! « Stray Thoughts Says:

    […] you can’t have real donuts, Skip To My Lou shows how to make adorable felt ones here. I don’t think I could have those in the house, though — they’d have me drooling […]

  4. Aunt Jenny Says:

    Okay, do I have THE cutest niece and nephews or what?! — and the donuts were yummy! And that felt donut — that is the way I should enjoy them! Love this!

  5. Laura Says:

    I LOVE the felt donuts! Thanks for the idea!

  6. Jill Says:

    Super cute felt doughnuts!!! I can’t wait to make a few. Thanks for the pattern.

  7. Clothmatters Says:

    Beautiful tutorial and lovely blog.

  8. fei Says:

    How creative you are!! This looks delicious haha… Maybe you can make cake felt or pie felt ^^

  9. Robyn Says:

    I have missed popping in here! What a lovely post! Come by and visit when you can! Lot’s of hugs!

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  11. ERika Chapin Says:

    Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook actually has a really yummy and HEALTHY little baked doughnut recipe!

  12. Lorraine Teigland Says:

    Amazing, that felt donut is! I’m SO inspired to make a whole batch for my daughters and nieces for Christmas. A slow project, yes, but just about the right pace with an infant and two little kids to entertain! Thank you for sharing the template! Am slowly, slowly setting up my own blog of crafty things and will post pictures and tell everyone about your original felt donut and how it began a whole new crafty addiction for me!

  13. Rebekah Lee Says:

    Wow, thanks for the tutorial. I think my daughters would love the felt donuts if I could bungle my way to make them. Your statement about how people don’t even have food struck a chord with me. I think that’s why I feel guilty about buying organic products and expensive toys because so many people can’t afford it, not to mention even have running water. Though many organic companies do support fair trade…

  14. Amy Says:

    Wonderful tut on the felt yummies, I’m making tons of felt foods for Christmas gifts this year with 3 girls starting to love the pretend kitchen!Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Polkadotjes Says:

    Thanks for the cristalclear tutorial for the yummie donuts. Just made some and my girls even helped me. They love them!

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    […] Doughnuts […]

  17. Lyman Belarmino Says:

    love yuour blog always read it do you think u could post more health news please

  18. pike Says:

    Nice blog,
    You all can find for real food tutorial here..
    Anything you like will be there..

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  20. Lucia Coudriet Says:

    Making Doughnuts | Skip To My Lou

    […]At this level just about anything you eat causes a rapid rise in blood sugar and the cycle of ups and down begins once more.[…]

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