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Wishing for Spring weather

March 29, 2008

with bluebird cupcakes!


The marshmallow Peep is sitting on green apple ‘candy grass’ that I found in the Easter section at Wal-Mart.  It is distributed by Galerie in Hebron, Kentucky. 1-859-538-8500. My son said it tastes like styrofoam –(now how do you think he knows this?) I will agree with him that it didn’t taste good. 

Happy Birthday Kansas!

January 29, 2008

Celebrate Kansas Day with some Sunflower Cupcakes.


Roll frosted cupcakes in a chocolaty cereal (leave a little space around the edge of the cupcake for the petals), pipe on some petals with a star tip and then very carefully decorate a red M&M to look like a lady bug. To make clean-up easier I attach my decorating tip to the corner of a ziploc bag. For the ladybug I cut the tiniest tip off the corner of the bag. I used a little melted chocolate almond bark for the ladybug details, but frosting would work also. Cupcakes adapted from Ladies Home Journal.

You can see last years celebration cake here along with links to Kansas coloring pages.

Have a happy day!