Heart Attack

My friend Wendy has a fabulous idea for Valentine’s Day. She cuts hearts of all different shapes and sizes and writes nice comments about each of her children on the hearts. She then covers each of their doors with the hearts. We just finished this for one of our children  -two more to go before morning.heart-attack.jpg


28 Responses to “Heart Attack”

  1. jennifer w. Says:

    What a sweet idea!

  2. Amy Says:

    I love it… a heart attack with added punch.

  3. Sue Says:

    Cindy~ I LOVE this idea! (As usual) The girls & I are SO ready for our fun & crafty day, thanks to you! Happy V-Day to the Kansas crew from the Philly gals:)

  4. amy Says:

    What a great idea!! Way to affirm your kids!

  5. kirchberg Says:

    I love this. Rachel won’t be back until Monday, so I have time!

  6. kikipotamus Says:

    So sweet! I love this idea! K

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    […] Herzen (ggf. Post-it) mit Liebesbotschaften an die Türe kleben […]

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    […] neighbors, but never thought to do it for my own kids – they are going to love it!  Thanks, skip to my lou for the […]

  9. Toddler Approved Says:

    I absolutely love this idea and am sharing it on my blog as part of a kindness round up tomorrow/today? (Sunday-Jan 22) What a sweet way to spread some cheer in your home.

  10. Rebecca Says:

    Lve this idea! Going to do it.

  11. Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas – Ministry Momma Says:

    […] Skip To My Lou had a great idea she calls Heart Attack. She just cuts out hearts and writes compliments about each of her kids, tapes them on their door so when the come out of their room in the morning they find all kinds of sweet notes of love! This project won’t cost me anything because I am overflowing with construction paper. […]

  12. Holly Says:

    We did this for our children this morning— total hit! Have a feeling it will be repeated next year! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Happy Feast of Saint Valentine! | Says:

    […] the air, the children awoke this morning to discover that their bedroom doors were suffering from a Heart Attack!  Little love notes were scribbled by myself and my husband onto cut out paper hearts and […]

  14. Tammy Says:

    LOVE this idea!! And I was actually thinking of going a little farther with it, was thinking of adding a heart for each day of February maybe but I do like the idea of her waking up Vday morning with her door covered LOL

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    […] saw this pin from Skip to my Lou and I loved it! Now that it’s February 1st, I get to put it into […]

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    […] a crafty?  That’s okay, I spotted this idea which while meant for Valentines Day would work for any holiday, Simply add a new heart to the door each morning.  If you are giving […]

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    […] (Photo From: Skip To My Lou) […]

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    […] kids a heart attack on their bedroom door. I found this idea on Pinterest from Skip to My Lou. It might be one of my favorite ways to celebrate. The week of Valentines, put a heart with […]

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    […] found the original idea for this new tradition here. I was searching Pinterest one day and when I saw it, I knew I needed to try it.  It’s such […]

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    […]  Heart Attack His Bedroom Door–  Take the heart attacking inside the house too and heart attack your bedroom […]

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    […] If you’re looking for a simple DIY project to show your kids just how special they are, then try this cute idea from Skip To My Lou. […]

  22. Kate R Says:

    Thanks for the great idea! I’m trying it this Valentine’s Day. But I’m also using it as an opportunity to put some German in front of my kids. I’m raising them to be bilingual, so I take any chance I can get to get them to read more German!

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    […] I think I tracked down the blog where my friends found the original picture: it’s called Skip to My Lou. […]

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    […] how much you love them, how about surprising your children, family or friends with this idea from Skip To My Lou. Leave Sticky notes on their bedroom door, in the car or inside their lunchbox with reasons that […]

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    […] to spread some love & cheer. However, this year, I wanted to do something new & started THIS project I found on Pinterest. I put one heart up a day from Feb. 1st through Feb. 14th. for Liam. […]

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    […] neighbors, but never thought to do it for my own kids – they are going to love it!  Thanks, skip to my lou for the […]

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    […] Daily Valentine Notes by Skip to my […]

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